The past 23 years in the Healthcare Industry has given me a diverse background and experience of this industry. I hold a degree in Communication Pathology at the University of Pretoria (1995). At the age of 21 I started my first a private practice owner spending my time doing speech therapy and audiology.

After correcting a lot of lisps, auditory processing therapy and fitting a good few hearing aids, I moved on to practice management and later became a Corporate Manager at a leading hearing aid manufacturing company in South Africa.

Being in a management position for 9 years has given me a broad understanding of this industry and business in general. I have experience in the following areas:

Managing Sales and Marketing Departments within the international corporate sphere with developing strategies with a global perspective applying to multiple stakeholders.

Business mentorship in establishing and growing business partnerships with Health Care Professionals and private practice owners in the Healthcare Industry.

Coaching and mentoring teams and individuals in developing and aligning talent within organisations.

Through the process of challenge and support the individual gets clarity and starts seeing options and possibilities, and starts moving towards a meaningful future.

– B.A. Communication Pathology (1992-1995)

– GIBS MBA (2009/10)

– Results Coaching Course (ICF accredited) (2012)

– Coaching and Neuroscience Course (2016).

– Conversational Intelligence Enhanced & Certified Coaching Course (2017/2018)

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