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Business Coaching significantly enhances the economic achievement of individuals, helping entrepreneurs to substantially grow their businesses.

"One of the biggest challenges of a business owner is to not only work “in” your business, but also “on” your business. Having turn-key tactics in place will help you to maximise and optimise your business results."

Business Coaching

  • Intelligent Strategy for your Business – using AI technology
  • Business Coaching (face to face as well as virtual sessions)

If you are uncertain about the next move in your business, let us align your business with Global Best Practice so you can spend your energy to future-proof your business, instead of being anxious about tomorrow

Plan towards a better future.


– Judith Glaser

Keynote Presentations

Learn more about your brain at work, though an engaging and interactive workshop that will get your team thinking, laughing, and walking away with some practical tips to use at work and at home.

  • Engaging ways to introduce concepts of neuroscience 
  • Punchy, engaging and interactive workshops

Mindskills applies the philosophy of Neuroscience to empower individuals, leaders and executives, teams and entire organisations.

I utilise the principles of Conversational Intelligence® in my coaching, workshop facilitating and other in-depth sessions. These neuroscientific frameworks are applied experientially to elevate performance results and to create and sustain a healthy organisational culture. It is also used to grow leaders’ ability to bring out the potential in others, inspiring commitment and ownership of the future.

It ignites thinking and empowers individuals, creating a culture where every individual makes a meaningful contribution to the whole.

You need to

Turn Insight Into Action

Mindskills tailors a coaching program to your specific needs and holds you accountable to achieving the outcomes you set. Just one distinction in session can make a massive difference when you apply it at work or at home.

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