Annemarie Ross-Vivier


Creating the life and the business you really want.

Mindskillscoach applies the philosophy of Neuroscience to empower individuals, leaders and executives, teams and entire organisations.

Life Coaching

  • Individual Coaching (face to face as well as virtual sessions)
  • Career Guidance – aligning you with the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Personal Growth Workshop matching habits with your current lifestyle
  • Relationship Coaching and Reports

Executive Coaching

  • Executive Coaching (face to face as well as virtual sessions)
  • The Quiet Leader: Coaching Principles for the Leader
  • Company Restructuring and Retrenchments – Career Guidance for Individuals and Groups
  • Catalyst tools to explore trust in a company and in teams

Business Coaching

  • Intelligent Strategy for your Business – using AI technology
  • Business Coaching (face to face as well as virtual sessions)

Building Resilient Teams

  • Building Resilient Teams
    • Team Analysis – understanding the behavioural diversity of the team
    • Workshops for teams
      • Trust as the new currency
      • Building Resilient Teams
      • Innovation is Key
      • Adapt or Die – Dealing with Change

Keynote Presentations

  • Engaging ways to introduce concepts of neuroscience 
  • Punchy, engaging and interactive workshops

Mindskills Thinking

This brochure is a quick read which encapsulates some of the core principles from my coaching programs.

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